Marshall Medical Center

09 Mar 2016, Posted by Mystery Machine in

Marshall Medical Center needed a website that provided users with clear and concise information as well as a pleasing clean design that would keep visitors interested. They also wanted an online directory that was user friendly for visitors to be able to search easily for doctors.  

GC Machining

08 Mar 2016, Posted by Mystery Machine in

GC Machining is a family owned business located in Stockton California. They specialize in machining hi-end parts for various industries out of many different types of material. They contacted us to take their business to the next level by starting from the ground up with…


08 Feb 2016, Posted by Mystery Machine in

Langills is a machining company that has been around since 1969. Langill’s has built a solid reputation in the industry for providing high quality custom machining at a competitive cost. The company reached out to us in need of a complete overhaul of their existing company…

The Yoga Workshop

08 Jan 2015, Posted by Mystery Machine in

The Yoga Workshop is a studio that offers a wide range of classes for different types of yoga styles. We wanted to create an inviting design that was elegant and informative.

Titan America Fitness

08 Jan 2015, Posted by Mystery Machine in

Titan America Fitness makes great products for the Crossfit community. Our designers were tasked with creating a look and feel that reflected the company’s edgy persona. They also needed an e-commerce system so that they could sell their awesome products.

Wells Construction Inc.

07 Jan 2015, Posted by Mystery Machine in

Wells Construction is a full service general contractor that has helped build communities all over the Sacramento area since 1989. Wells Construction wanted to refresh their company’s brand by adding a fresh take on their logo and update their website to showcase the great work they do….

Titans of CNC

05 Jan 2015, Posted by Mystery Machine in

Titans of CNC is a reality TV show that airs on the MavTV network. It follows Titan and his quest to bring manufacturing back to America by showing innovative manufacturing techniques and the companies that are at the forefront of this movement. The show needed…

Oshima Sushi

04 Jan 2015, Posted by Mystery Machine in

Oshima Sushi is a premier Japanese restaurant in the Natomas area for over the last decade. They needed a website that showcased their amazing sushi rolls and family atmosphere. What we came up with is a clean and elegant design that is easy to navigate and…

Endless Sun

03 Jan 2015, Posted by Mystery Machine in

Endless Sun Tanning is one of New Jersey’s top tanning salons. They needed a total re-brand of their logo identity to reflect the high level of service they provide. The result is a new logo that is modern and that carries through to the website and all…